Appliance Doors – About us


Appliance was established in 1964 by Mr. Abd EL-Halem El-Sayed as workshops, So far we do our best to produce Our items with perfect quality. Our proficiency is more than 30 experts of carpenters & Craftsmen who contribute with Their creativity and skill in the Different processes of production. Therefore we are always ready And capable of professionally And efficiently producing any Customer order on time and High quality manner.

Our Mission

Our aim is to strengthen and develop our leadership by providing various market segments with high quality products and qualified services, so as to be our customers` best choice.

Our Vision

We want to develop profitable and lasting relationships, that`s why we deal with our customers and suppliers on bases of respect and mutual benefit as well as continuous innovation in order to fulfill their changing needs. Owing to our long-term responsibility towards each and every person connected to our business, we have to make profit mixed with care and efficiency. So as to achieve a fixed increase in our partners` investments to reach the highest credits and to supply business developments. We always seek the improvement of our employees` performance either by reward or training, as we are totally aware of the value of the skills and experiences of each employee in his team which consequently resulted in the improvement and development of our company. We are aware that our actions should be the result of our responsibility towards our society, so we always engage our employees in various voluntary roles.

Our Value

  • Quality.
    • Service.
    • Cost effectiveness.